Act now with Velux Skylights Installation

Skylights are not so expensive to buy; the setup forms the majority of the purchase. It can be recommended that a licensed contractor matches the skylight, even though it can even be done yourself if you are good with your hands and have done such mechanical tasks before. If you decided to do it through a contractor, it is best always to research a few companies to get the best rates and service. Recommendations from friends are a intelligent way to have a decision. Most installations involve only three simple steps. First, you want to ascertain the place and cut an opening to the roof and the ceiling. Then, the skylight unit needs to be connected to the roof, making sure all joints are sealed. And finally, the light shaft from the roof to the ceiling needs to be made with drywall or paneling.

Sophisticated skylight shafts, however, can require a whole lot of time to assemble. Structural work might need to be performed or roof-framing members might have to be altered to produce the light tunnel. This cannot be tried at home even in the event that you think yourself very skilled. It is best in such instances to get support from a professional installation service. Most manufacturers provide installation service. While installing skylights, you have to remember that the most energy-efficient Velux Skylights must be very carefully installed to make certain that the maximum energy efficiency is reached.  The slope is the tilt of the skylight, and it greatly affects solar heat gain. A very low incline will admit comparatively more solar heat in the summer and less in winter; just the opposite of what is required on your property. You should bear in mind that the recommended slope ought to be equivalent to a geographical latitude, plus five to fifteen levels.

Another important element to be considered at the time of setup is that water flows are a frequent problem with skylights. To be able to prevent leakage, you need to be sure that the skylight is mounted above the surface of the roof and a curb is installed. A curb is a raised, watertight grip which deflects the rainwater. You also need to make sure that all joints are permanently sealed. Finally, it is sensible to apply a coating of sheet waterproofing over the curb as an aid to protect against water leakage or clogging.