The best trick to check vanilla prepaid card balance!

Summary: let us discuss the difference between the methods used in checking the vanilla prepaid card balance

Everything one has already one or two gift cards in today’s time, thanks to the popularity of the gift cards. They are not to be blamed but the benefits and convenience they offer are remarkably true hence they attract more and more people towards them. It has become a fashion to gift these cards on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Before buying one for self I was also tempted many times by peer pressure. I was asked by my friends to keep a regular check on the vanilla prepaid card balance to make sure that the balance was maintained well sufficient.

Gift Card Balance

Personally I feel that getting messages through the mobile operators is the best way to keep a track on the balance. This happens when we register the mobile number with the official website so that whenever the amount is deducted we will be sent a message as a notification. There you go! Within few moments you will be having the history of purchases made. Others who are very much particular will usually refer the statement provided by the website upon request. This is when we enter the card number on the site and pass code to receive the balance available in the card along with the purchase history. Either ways you will be assured about the amount left. The one drawback I must say which comes with these cards is that they cannot be loaded once the amount is used. In other way it is good for keeping the budget right, as they are one time use cards we cannot add further money hence the cards must be disposed or discarded.

To maintain the privacy and security of the history it is necessary that you discard the card in person rather than giving it to retailers or unknown individuals. When it comes to security the main point also comes along is whenever you activate the card and is ready to use then you must immediately sign the card. Now you must be wondering where to sign and why there is a need to sign. Then the main reason for signing the card is it will make it authentic and valid for purchase. The cashier will not accept your card if the signature is not present. Now comes where to sign on the card, it is the same way as of other cards like credit or debit ones. If the card is turned around there will be a portion which says signature, in that box you must sign with a ball pen. Now your card is complete and ready for use.

So, the conclusion is the proper use of the visa card will help you in maintaining the budget and save shopping because of its preloading feature. But make sure to regularly keep yourself updated with the vanilla prepaid card balance.