Have you ever heard of a Transom Window?

Transom might not be a name you’re familiar with, and you might not realise that the panes of glass that bear the name even warrant a special identity, but the unassuming little window is making big waves in architectural fashion again.

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So what is it? It’s the little window, or pane of glass, that sits above a door – usually the front door of a house. Sometimes it’s a plain rectangle, and sometimes it’s more intricate. One of the most famous examples is the fan-shaped transom above the door of Number 10 Downing Street.

Modern Take

It’s been ‘old-fashioned’ for a while, but the transom is finally seeing a comeback, both as a design feature in its own right and as a clever way to let light into dark corners or hallways.
In a modern home, adding a transom is a clever way to use the full height of the ceiling and provide lots of natural light. At above-door height, there is no need to worry about privacy being compromised. It is also a nod to traditional style in a modern setting and shows the two working together.

Kerb Appeal

A transom window is also a great way to improve the initial look of your home. First impressions are important, after all, but it’s also practical to be able to close the door behind you without having to struggle to find a light switch. The additional light flow is a great way to let light into spaces that don’t have any other windows – it’s great for stairways, too.

Double Glazing in Evesham

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Natural light is believed to have health benefits, so it is worth considering where you might be able to add additional windows, and making space for a transom will also add character to your property for a relatively low investment. Make your front door stand out!

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For inspiration on how to dress your windows, check out the information from House Beautiful and work with the style in your room.

Windows are one of the things that buyers will pay particular attention to when your house is on the market, so having new and interesting windows could increase the value of your home.

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