Card tricks which work on their own

There are several card tricks which work without any external device or instrument, but can be learned by sheer practice and hard work. Most of these tricks are relatively easy to learn and equally easier to execute. You can very easily learn self working card tricks here, which are going to amaze you and your viwers.

This amazing website provides us with intricately detailed description of tricks which can be learned by anyone and everyone irrespective of their age or competence. One must go through the videos that this website has accumulated with such precision and perfection to get a wholesome view of the art that is performing card tricks. Not only does it explain how the tricks work, it also displays with proper execution, how those tricks can be perfected over time. Any novice learner will have an easy time to impress anyone he or she wants to with little help from this website, which is just a click away.

Some of them require more practice than others, because these tricks come with various levels of difficulty. Some of these are:

Showing the four Aces

This is a magic which requires the magician to learn how to deal and cut the deck of cards to sheer perfection. It involves the show of four aces from a deck of fifty-two cards. The extraordinary part of this trick is that, it allows the gullible spectator to pick the four aces himself or herself.

Taking a closer look at the trick reveals that it is not that grand or magnificent a trick, but it manages to befuddle the audience nonetheless. It looks absolutely harmless and without a hint of guile to it, but the real magic of this trick lies in the arrangement and distribution of the cards in a particular, pre-determined order which the magician needs to fix to ensure that there is no massacre while he is performing the trick.

The apparent foolishness of the trick makes the spectator believe that there is some supernatural force behind the show of the aces. Deception is the key here, to make the audience believe that the magician is going through a long and continuous thought process while performing the trick is how one gets to divert the mind of the spectator to sign an extent that the slight movements of the hand coordinated with that of the eye escapes their ever-aware glance. You can visit the website here anytime to learn self working card tricks here.

Guessing the card on your phone

This trick looks very complicated, but is actually very easy. This card includes the guessing of a card chosen by a spectator or a member of the audience by showing the photo of the card on the magician’s mobile phone or drawn on a piece of paper. Like all good tricks, this also entails pre-planning and a lot of deception. To learn the nitty-gritty of this trick one can look for online videos on YouTube.