Set about the finest Fun drinking games

Drinking gamesThrough the years of anticipation, months of planning, tens of thousands of expenditures, and a feeling of something such as imprisonment, you are finally on your way to the change in the morning. Yes, tomorrow you may join the ranks of the forever joined, the blessedly bonded, and the married. As for tonight, you are still a single, wild, and free being. An instance of free-flowing, unfiltered life! There will be some drinking done, and you believe it needs to be taken very seriously, so badly in fact, that you are going to need to invite friends and family over to take it all quite seriously with you. There has to be rules though. Order must be maintained. Use our stag drinking games manual to maximize the fun content of your party night and take part in some awesomely amusing and mind-warping drinking games.

Let me inform you that in my world, There is not something funny about drinking; each game you could find me engaged in will be exactly what we will call Mind Smashers.

The standards for this elusive title are thus:

  • One or more players will forfeit without vomiting within the first thirty minutes of game play; they would not decide to continue because of a lack of personal courage. They lack an actual party attitude and needs to be asked to immediately leave the gambling area. Shame awaits their existence.
  • Some champion-hearted sportsman Will in reality puke inside the first forty-five moments of play; a sad yet beautiful example of true courage.

One of my personal favorite Mind Smashers is a sport simply entitled: I drink. You Drink. Game play is maintained minimally puzzling in the following manner:

  • Competitor one drinks a hearty, full shot of whatever intoxicating beverage was chosen.
  • Competition Two, Three, and so forth Repeat Competitor One’s actions until all competitors have performed satisfactorily.
  • Competitor one again requires a full, Brain-twisting shot of booze, and the process repeats until just one lone liquid warrior is left in the warring zone: The victor. This gladiator prevails, not just in the match, but in life itself.

One of my other favorite stag drinking games is all about endurance. And balance. The principles are simple:

  • The drinker approaches the bar and orders a shot
  • The drinker pays for the drink with Too much cash (i.e. hand over a tenner for the 1 drink)
  • As the barman goes away to get change, the drinker downs the shot
  • When the barman returns along with your change, return to step one

There are literally thousands of these Games, some much more elegant than these. You have to remember that I am a Professional with several years of fierce competition under my belt. All is fair in the love of drinking, and you are allowed to spontaneously produce your own drinking games when you prefer and click Fun-drinking-games.com to get more fun.