What to do with water damaged iphone?

It is raining, cats and dogs out and you make a dash for your vehicle. You have got your iPhone and you are fumbling around with another for your car keys. As you frantically attempt to escape the rain, the inevitable happens you drop your iPhone. You check to find out if it works and get in the car and pick up your telephone. It appears to be working for the most part before the display starts blinking on and off on its own. Now what?

iPhone repair

Until recently, Apple did not provide any replacements for water iPhones. You were left with having your iPhone fixed by Apple purchasing a new iPhone or locating an iPhone repair service company for a lower price. Its policy on water iPhones that were damaged changed. The coverage does comprise all iPhone versions from the most recent 3GS version to the first phone. The policy states that Apple will replace your water iPhone . Your iPhone will be substituted rather than all replacements will be iPhones. Phones will be received by some clients.

You may be thinking about how you or Apple can tell whether you have got a water damaged iPhone. You only dropped it at a one or four puddle of water for five minute’s tops, so that cannot qualify as water damaged iPhone right? According to Apple’s site, all you will need to do is look down to the headphone jack, where you will find a little colored dot. That dot will be white or silver without water damage in iPhones. Within the dot will be pinkish or reddish.

Now that you have determined your iPhone is water damaged, what are your alternatives? Refurbished and obsolete version appears to be a steep price tag, although you could take advantage of Apple replacement coverage. Another alternative is to have your iPod is repaired by Apple. And you might have a party iPhone repair firm fix your iPhone for you for a price that is lesser. Some iPhone repair businesses also offer a free diagnostic because the damaged iPhone components s is not always visually evident in water damaged iPhones. You are informed and can make a determination if the fix is worth it when the iPhone is diagnosed. Accidents happen and it is great that Apple is currently offering a replacement and has stepped up. Bear in mind that there are alternatives available on the market.