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If you feel like you are drowning in debt, or that your financial situation is affecting your life in a negative way, our Utah bankruptcy lawyers can help you. We have experience in all areas of Utah bankruptcy law, and are able to provide all potential clients with a free consultation to discuss your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorney

We can assist in all types of Utah bankruptcy matters, including:

  • Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Utah Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Utah Personal Bankruptcy
  • Utah Small Business Bankruptcy

Ryan E. Simpson Bankruptcy Law Firm

Ryan E. Simpson offers bankruptcy services for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 filers, generally in West Jordan, Utah. For a detailed review of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 services please visit

Your financial future is important and should be trusted to the professionals at the Law Firm of Ryan E. Simpson. Call us to get started. One of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will be happy to explain the bankruptcy process with you help you understand the costs and time involved.

Bankruptcy is truly a new beginning. Let our firm get you started on the right financial path with the right bankruptcy lawyer.

Affordable Rates

Bankruptcy attorney Ryan E. Simpson recognizes that persons filing bankruptcy come in all types of situations. Our Firm is committed towards your situation and the best way to help your situation. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost between $900 and $1500 in attorney’s fees, and other plans are available if the situation is right for the Firm and you. The Firm will match any other offer, unless a special circumstance exists. We want to worry about what is important, which is helping you get control of your financial situation.

For a Chapter 13, the attorney’s fees are set by statute, and the question is really how much you will need to pay upfront. Some attorneys ask for a very minimal amount up front (under $500). In my experience these attorneys do not care very much about getting your plan confirmed, even though it seems they would because they aren’t getting paid much upfront. Be careful to not get involved with a firm or attorney that doesn’t have a legitimate office; you get what you pay for, even with attorneys. Our upfront cost is any where from $1000 to $1700 up front for a Chapter 13. Learn more at

Free Consultation

While at your consultation with Ryan E. Simpson, a qualified professional will review your entire financial situation and advise you about whether bankruptcy would be in your best interest, and if it is what type of bankruptcy you should file based on your situation. At the end of the consultation you will be able to make an informed, intelligent decision about how to take control of your financial situation. This is why you need a bankruptcy attorney from Utah.

Let Us Help You

If you are experiencing creditor harassment, or you find yourself facing foreclosure, wage garnishments, mounting medical bills, lawsuits, repossessions, or other financial troubles, Ryan E. Simpson can help you transition smoothly from what may feel like a hole of financial darkness to the freedom of debt relief and a fresh start with a Utah bankruptcy attorney. Learn more at

Take control of your financial situation and call Ryan E. Simpson today at 801-432-8682 today for an immediate phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.