Valuable information on lie detector test

Our business is attacked by foreign community each and every day and we create regulations and rules that attorneys use in extortion tactics to sue American companies. We will need to decrease the regulations and rules in our state for our business communities and we will need to put more regulations and rules on the attorneys, which I believe to be specialist terrorists and parasites against the American people. I propose that each And every attorney be given a lie detector test and a drug tests annually or they cannot renewal their license. Furthermore, everybody in every law firm will have to take a lie detector test annually to be certain they are not trying to violate the law by controlling the law or remaining above law. If we do not watch over the legal industry they will continue to manipulate our legislation further their private financial advantage as they are self-serving parasites from humanity. There is nothing worse than a crooked attorney and likely nothing more prevalent in my opinion. And because this is my view you cannot sue me you rotten scoundrel attorneys.

Everybody knows there are much corruption and several scandals in Washington D.C. with our politicians. But they are not the only ones into this disreputable activity. Many lobbyists make friends with staffers of important politicians. The truth is the lobbyists will hire prostitutes to look after these staffers. Both heterosexual and homosexual prostitutes are often hired by lobbyists to influence staffers of important political figures in Washington DC. We also understand that in many agencies that confidential information is given away to reporters, foreign spies and individuals who would like to earn a profit on the data in the stock exchange.

We know that many backdoor deals are done with firms who leach off the government and the American taxpayer with frequently phony or borderline acceptable government contracts. We have to prevent this corruption in Washington D.C. and at the bureaucratic agencies and the only way to do it are to give lie detector tests for all Washington DC government workers at every level of government and each branch. If anyone fails theseĀ lie detector tests they should be fired and lose their retirement and disgorged from any ill gotten gains. We must protect the people Corruption and go whole force against them so that they serve the will of the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America so help them God.